Outdoor High Gain Siren

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Product description

Style:Wired Loud Siren

At 120dbs, this siren will not only alert the neighbors of the intrusion, but scare away the burglar right out of your house!
This piercing, plug-in siren can be plugged into your keypad/Console.It works with your system, responding to signals from an alerted Keypad/Console.
No intruder will hang around when one of these sirens sounds!
Sound index: 120dB
Sound frequency: 3.8KH2+10%
Transmit speed: 3H2 increase or discrease 10%

Package including:
Ear Piercing Indoor Siren x1

HIGH VOLIUM SIREN: এটই আপনার কন্ট্রোল প্যানেলের সাথে সংযুক্ত থাকবে। কোন সেন্সর থেকে সংকেত আসলে সাইরেন টি উচ্চ শব্দে বেজে উঠবে।

Technical Details



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